Professionally, I have spent many years working my way up as a business leader in public relations and content marketing, specializing in multimedia distribution and digital messaging. I worked on these projects as a multimedia product and service evangelist:

How We Do What We Do Video

Telling Your Brand Story With Video

Multimedia Case Study Blog Post

Nonprofit Video Storytelling Webinar

I also hosted a webinar for non-profit communication professionals focused on digital messaging on a tight budget: nonprofit-video-storytelling

I spent some time enveloped in the world of infrastructure services, managing the buyer’s journey and content strategy for IBM’s Global Technology Services, working alongside portfolio and digital managers. Here is a post that I drafted for GTS about mobile security.

Human resources is an interesting group to be a part of, especially when you have an innate curiosity about the interaction between people, technology and business improvement (I did double-major in English and Sociology in college, after all). I spent some time developing the content strategy for Accenture’s Talent Innovation Lab, utilizing my copywriting, presentation and creative skills to really understand employee experience and investigate methods and services that would improve it.

Some e-mail and landing page content I developed:

Career Discovery App Landing Page 1

Career Discovery App Landing Page 2

Career Discovery App E-mail Promo 1

Career Discovery App E-mail Promo 2 

On a more personal note, I manage my own blog that focuses on online dating and a host of related topics.  

I am passionate about helping others and spent some time volunteering at the Red Cross of Greater NYC. Here’s that story.

I’ve also dabbled in the kitchen and was lucky enough to share some of my tips with Notafoodie and his readers.